Static websites

A main web site screen

Often called Online Brochures. The minimum number of pages we would suggest is three, normally a home or landing page, a page perhaps describing your business offering in more detail and a contact page with phone address and a contact form. To this we normally automatically add privacy policy and website usage terms pages. Of course there is no limit to the number of pages you can have - multiple pages for different products, information, blog - the list goes on.

A static site does not mean that nothing can change ever, merely that updates need to be more planed and probably less frequent. If you want a static site that you think you may want to update frequently then consider a content management system (CMS) site or website maintenance plan.



Want customers to access your site on their mobile phone?

A mobile web site screen

We can add a mobile friendly version of your website with an auto detect so that those viewing your site from a mobile device will be go to the mobile site - with links to your main site to use if they choose.









A Content Management System Site or an E-Commerce Site may be more appropriate for your needs.

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